Women's Cotton Knit Stripe Cocoon Cardigan, One Size

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Slouchy, Cozy and super comfortable, soft, drapery, cotton knit stripe cardigan / jacket is a must have year round. It's over sized silhouette makes it perfect for layering over your favorite tanks, tees, sundresses and skinny bottoms. Available in classic neutrals and vibrant bright colors.

*Style: Drape cardigan
*Occasion: casual, vacation, travel
*Day, Weekend wear, evening
*Neckline: Drape, wrap
*Sleeve: Long, bat wing
*Sleeve Length: 24" 
*Point of entry: Open front
*Fabric: Cotton knit
*Fabric content: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
*Fabric Weight: Lightweight

**O/S Fits S/L
**Chest: 55 inches wide all around
**Length: 40 inches - back drop

**O/S Fits XL/4X
**Chest: 65 inches wide all around
**Length: 40 inches - back drop

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