Our Story

Hello and welcome to Nakidbird! I'm Margaret. I started sewing as early as 8 years old in my native Granada. I remember fondly as a child trimming off the bottom of my mothers curtain to make tiny mini skirts. After all I only needed about half a yard of it to fit around my wispy frame. I never thought she'd mind, but she did. Boy did that leave a mark. I got in trouble every time, and it was worth it every time. I've been sewing ever since.

I'm passionate about creating for women of all shapes and sizes. If I were asked to describe my style, it would be unique, stylish effortless, and always affordable. You will find comfort in the styles I create and the fabrics I use.

I think what sets my designs apart is my attention to detail. The quality of my work is always flawless, always professional. I will not ship an item unless it's perfect. Each garment becomes personal to the women who purchase my designs.

I've been selling on the Etsy platform successfully for the past 7 years with over 1400 5 star reviews. Our products are all hand made with love and care by a small hard working committed team. Fabrics are purchased locally. I create and design all products. Patterns are drafted by me and sewn by a handful of seasoned seamstresses. Processing may take a bit longer as all items are made to order. Please refer to our shipping and processing policy for more details.

We provide top quality products and will go above and beyond to ensure each customer receives the level of service that's notably exceptional.

I'm inspired by women with a unique sense of style. Women who stand out in a crowd. Women who are confident in their own skin. Whose strength is their femininity.

Silhouettes: Clean, easy, comfortable effortless Fabrics: Super soft knits, breathable cottons, Laces that are romantic, sexy and feminine, cool relaxed linens. Sizes: 2 to 26 (XS-5X)

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