Plus Size Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater, One Size

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A Soft And Cozy Chunky Pullover Sweater Featuring An Ultra Over-sized Turtleneck And Silhouette.

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*Style: Over Sized Fit, Modern, Cozy
*Occasion: Casual, Dressy, Vacation, Travel
*Holiday/Event: Christmas, New Year, Party, Weekend Wear
*Neckline: Cowl, Slouchy Turtleneck
*Hem: Straight
*Colors: Red, Purple
*Sleeve: Long
*Sleeve Length: 31"
*Point of entry: Pullover
*Silhouette: Ultra Over Sized, Shapeless, Drape
*Fabric: Sweater Knit
*Fabric content: 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton
*Fabric Weight: Lightweight, Unlined
*Care: Machine Wash Gentle, Hand wash
*Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
*Model: 6', Size XL

**One Size: Up To 5X
**Chest/Hip: 78"

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